Professional Services

Aug 5, 2021

Iconico provides professional services across a wide range of skills.

Our partners at Iconico have over 30 combined years of experience in their particular domains and degrees in Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering and have worked at Disney, Credit Suisse, Medable, and Globant.

We are certified consultants and trainers for the MikroTik brand of network equipment, have developed telecommunications solutions for Internet Service Providers all over the world, and given training to telecommunications engineers in multiple countries.


If you have a specific project in mind, or are in need of additional support for devices relevant to your organization, don't hesitate to reach out.

We're experts in Mobile development for iOS and Android devices, web development for both front-end and back-end solutions.

We have a flexible team capable of delivering software quickly using agile methodologies.

  • Product: Gather requirements, perform business analysis and understand the User Experience Journey. Produce wireframes, requirements documents and iterate with client.
  • Design: Go from wireframes into full fledged mockups of the solution, anticipate edge cases and design for functionality, reliability, resiliency and aim for creative and dazzling solutions.
  • Engineering: Follow industry standards, coding guidelines, continuous integration, code reviews, performance analysis via instrumentation and testing.
  • Management: Track the project's milestones, individual work sprints, tickets, and receive continuous deployments of the developed apps until completion.
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Gower / Unsplash

Telecommunications Consulting

Iconico can provide consulting services for a wide range of telecommunications needs for your company, design and implementation from the ground up as a complete solution to your networking requirements as well as troubleshooting any particular issue you are experiencing.

These include:

  • BGP: Single and Multi-homed, IXP Interconnections.
  • Firewalls: Router protection and security systems, avoiding private information leaks, closing access and vulnerabilities, protection against brute force attacks, ICMP flooding, SYN flooding, Port Scanning, and Port Knocking.
  • DDoS Protection: By combining BGP and Firewall rules and traffic analyzers you can protect against DDoS attacks.
  • Authentication Systems & User Traffic Control: PPPoE / HotSpot.
  • Load Balancers: Recursive Routing and Failovers.
  • Routed Networks: Static, OSPF, BGP, MPLS.
  • Bridged Networks.
  • Interconnecting Company Branches: Layer 2 VPNs, Layer 3 VPNs.
  • Quality of Service: Prioritize Apps, Limit Services
  • Traffic Control: Restrict access to resources or services.
  • ... and plenty more.
Telecom Tower
Photo by Thomas Millot / Unsplash


Billy Biset

Billy is a programmer and software architect with over 10 years of experience in the Software Industry. He is currently a co-founder at Iconico.

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