Introducing Scribe

Aug 5, 2021

Scribe is a full fledged PPP accounting and IP history solution, it will keep track of your PPP users and all their sessions, allowing you to go back in time and detect who in your system had an IP at a given moment as well as keep tabs on user traffic.

System Routers and how many users are connected to each

Scribe is all about managing your PPP users:

  • Online/Offline Status: Keep track of which users are online or offline and to which router they are connected.
  • Session History: Keep a full log of your users' session history, including start and end time of each session and their assigned IPs (be it internal or external).
  • IP History: Maintain full IP history for each user and each IP assigned in your system. This history can be search by user or by IP and narrowed by time range.
  • Traffic Data: Traffic information (upload and download) for each user is plotted and can be viewed.
List PPP users in the system. Filter by router or online status.
IP History of a PPP router.
Manage devices in your network and assign which are PPP enabled.


Scribe's pricing structure is straightforward and follows the same pricing structure of other Iconico products (base price which contains standard uses and then pay per usage volume).

  • Minimum $40/month.
  • Only 10 cents per PPP user per month, but your $40 includes the first 200 users.
  • After your 1000th user, only 5 cents per user.


Billy Biset

Billy is a programmer and software architect with over 10 years of experience in the Software Industry. He is currently a co-founder at Iconico.

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