Introducing Clerk

Aug 5, 2021

Clerk is a complete management system for device configuration backups. Choose which devices on your network to backup, when to run the backups and how long to keep them.

Then compare old backups or download them directly to your computer.

Comparing two backups from the same device

Clerk's feature list is simple enough:

  • Select Devices: Choose which devices in your network you want to periodically backup (or create new ones if not already on the system).
  • Select Cron: Choose when you want the backups to run, which is usually during low activity periods.
  • Select Type: Choose whether you want Text Only backups or Binary.
  • Compare: Compare between old backups, with a nicely formatted diff presentation.
  • Download: Download old backups to your machine.
  • Brands: Many brands supported, and many more can be added. MikroTik, Ubiquiti, and more.
  • Time to Live: Configure how long you want to keep backups and whether to preserve the last known backup for a device.
List which devices are periodically backed up and when their last backup was.
List all backups for a given device.
Line by line comparison.

Configure backups for a single device.


Clerk's pricing structure is straightforward and follows the same pricing structure of other Iconico products (base price which contains standard uses and then pay per usage volume).

  • Minimum $10/month.
  • Only 10 cents per device per month, but your $10 includes the first 100.
  • After your 1000th device, only 5 cents per device.


Billy Biset

Billy is a programmer and software architect with over 10 years of experience in the Software Industry. He is currently a co-founder at Iconico.

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