Introducing Bolt

Mar 18, 2022

Bolt is a complete monitoring solution for low and medium voltage transformers in the electrical distribution network.

It features both a multi-platform web application, a mobile native Android application, and the possibility of adding iOS applications or integrate with existing systems (e.g. user reported outages, field service tasks, etc).


  • Full monitoring of low and medium voltage distribution transformers:
    • Phase to Phase and Phase to Neutral Voltages
    • Current
    • Power (active, reactive, and power factors)
    • Harmonics (up to 31st harmonics)
    • and more...
  • Electrical Grid Dashboard
    • Color coded and geolocated
    • Open Alarms at a glance
    • Geographical area drill down
  • Outdoor measuring module
    * Electrical Parameters: U, I, P, Q, S, PF, Hz
    * Communicates via 4G networks: LTE-M, LTE-NB and CAT-1 (on bands B2-B4-B12)
    * Uploads data to secure (TLS v1.2) MQTT broker
    * IP65 rating
    * Operating temperature -25C to 70C
    * Data Sheet available upon request
  • Flexible Alarms System
    • Supports Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram and more are available.
    • Default alarms and notifications (e.g. voltages 20% above nominal range)
    • Additional configurable notifications (e.g. notify when value of X is above Y).
  • Custom User Roles and Access
  • Geographical location management



Billy Biset

Billy is a programmer and software architect with over 10 years of experience in the Software Industry. He is currently a co-founder at Iconico.

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